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In this video I’ll show you STEP-By-STEP how to get your Social Media Marketing Clients the best results possible, making them so happy they will never want to leave and will pay you whatever you ask going forward.

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25 thoughts on “How To Get Social Media Marketing Clients AMAZING Results as a BEGINNER & STOP losing CLIENTS
  1. George Toskov says:

    Great tips! I have a dentist client who only wants to give away a 15 minute non-clinical consultation. However, people do not really want to sign up for that offer and I literally have 0 leads for him at the moment. My trial with him ends in 2 weeks! I've tried 10+ different audiences and copy. My only takeaway is that it's a shit offer and nobody wants it. Any tips?

  2. Justin Davenport says:

    Hey man quick question, are you including your ad spend into your monthly rate?

  3. Marvyn Orellana says:

    Bro, you are giving out GOLD! Really appreciate what you're doing.

  4. Ashley Saldanha says:

    This is great video . Keep em coming

  5. Aisen's Lifestyle tips says:

    Hey Billy, I really enjoyed this video, can you please post a part 2 on here?

  6. The Lifestyle Supplement says:

    This is one of the most valuable videos ive seen

  7. Josh Graham says:

    Hey, I was wondering what URL you use for the funnel? To you use the one given on click funnels or do you use your website or the clients website? Thanks!

  8. Francisco Trinidad says:

    Hey Billy, thanks for the value… You have really helped me a lot with your videos. However, I have a Barbershop client that I just close a week ago… What kind of offer could I use to get people to click on the ad and go through the funnel that I have with Clickfunnels?

  9. mohammed asif says:

    Anyone here from the UK ? Would love to network and bounce ideas. I've started my agency.

  10. Cesar Martinez says:

    Awesome videos…thank you!

  11. WorldwideTrends says:

    Do you create a new Facebook account for the potential clients or do you advertise on their account?

  12. Umar Ahmed says:

    Hey Billy, what do you mean by figuring out the 'bait'?

  13. Kim Walker says:

    Great video, Billy! I am now a subscriber… Let me ask… when you send someone to the "landing page", is it a page you created or is it the client's existing site?

  14. Dylan Campbell says:

    Hey man, loved the video. You said to leave specific clients and you’ll answer questions in the comments. I have a client who sells furniture and stuff. I shot you a DM about it on Instagram, if you could give me your opinion I would appreciate it a ton. Thanks man!!

  15. Arpan Srivastava says:

    Thank you for providing us lots of valuable stuffs 🙂

  16. JAKE SKYFALL says:

    Sup Hustler…thanks so much for your value! Would love to connect with you at some point…I'm in the social media marketing game as well..sounds like you've made some good progress. I wanted to ask you…what is the Facebook secret for restaurants you were talking about? Would love to know..I just signed a restaurant..if I use it and it works ..perhaps I could make a testimonial for you company?

  17. Gilberto Rosas says:

    Thanks for the value bombs Billy ! This is the type of high quality content that people charge for so thanks for releasing it to us !
    Also, I wanted to ask you, what bait would you use for a real estate person who wants buyer leads?

  18. Jethro Pompilus says:

    Awesome video again. You truly are a life saver. Another question, once the trial is successful and the client agrees to pay you a monthly fee, do you just create more and more ads for them? Basically what I'm asking is, what do you do once you land the client to keep them paying you every month?

  19. arbaz khan says:

    Thank You for the value 🙂

  20. Dwayne Myers says:

    Great video and Tips! I have been following your videos and they are some of the best I s seen, good job! Also, I vote yes for part two of this video with you showing the targeting of you can, thanks, keep up the great work!

  21. Ryan Basco says:

    V A L U E as always. Great video Billy!

  22. Alan Merino says:

    Awesome video Billy, tons of value! Best channel by far for Social Media Marketing, keep it up! ?

  23. Chris Nichols says:

    Hey Billy, can you do a video on your income over the past couple of months? like how much you made in the first month and gradually go to now. With a breakdown of your income streams, with expenses and profits. Thanks (this is a motivation for me and also for you to realize how far you have come)

  24. Chris Nichols says:

    Hey Billy, I have a few questions…i have been looking to get into this..i even purchased Hayden Peddle's course on it and noticed that you were in there as well.

    1) How many Clients do you have that stay with you past month 1?
    2) How much time do you say you put in in a day for each client?
    3) Are all your clients local to you (within say 10-15 miles)
    4) Are they all paying 1000+ dollars per month?
    5) Did you close them all with being in person (and do you think that helps)
    6) Are you doing all the work for your clients (meaning do you have a partner help you?)

    Thanks, you put out great value 🙂


  25. Alex Lytvynchuk says:

    As always tons of value! Awesome video man!

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