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Learn how Jordan Anthony runs Facebook Ads for 30+ Businesses with his social media marketing agency.


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In this video Jordan and I will take you through the process of creating effective Facebook ads to drive traffic to offers via funnels made in Click Funnels.

11 thoughts on “Make $10,000 per month running Facebook Ads for Businesses | Social Media Marketing | Jordan Anthony
  1. Bloody Work says:

    Loving your content and how you upsell to your viewers 😀

  2. Mason Schweinzger says:

    Great video man!

  3. David Camarena says:

    Dont you think there's way too many agencies and people trying to teach how to start agencies? Is this market saturated ?

  4. Let It Loose says:

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for the video Jordan and Billy!

    I understand the process of getting the customer info (phones, emails) but when you obtain people's emails, you need to actually utilize email marketing to get your money's worth, right? Because I might get local businesses many emails but they won't know what do to with just emails themselves, so if I offer FB ads and funnels, do I also need to offer email marketing?

  5. YoungEntrepreneur01 says:

    $97 per month is super expensive ??? That why everyone is sleeping on it ??? You guys really think $97 a month is expensive …
    smh to make 1000$ client ??? I use the $297 plan per month and its worth it.

  6. Quentin P says:

    This is what I'm doing with my agency. Done with posting & creating content haha this is where the money is.

  7. Michael Vargas says:

    Awesome video!

  8. Aaron V says:

    Awesome video! Very informative

  9. kofori321 says:

    Thanks for the awesome value. For retargeting ads, do you need to get access to the clients website to install the facebook pixel ?

  10. arbaz khan says:

    Very Valuable Vid man and also just subscribed to Jordans channel 🙂

  11. Jordan The Profit says:

    I was so nervous doing this live lol

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