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This is a deeper look into becoming a copywriter from my first video you can see here:
I TALK A LOT I KNOW, but here are some time stamps to get you to the points you need:

0:00 – A bit of background on my experience
6:10 – Copywriting resources
8:35 – Freelance vs a job?
10:00 – Setting up a portfolio
10:38 – If I started from scratch again here’s what I would do
11:50 – Reaching out to people
15:00 – Do you need social media as a copywriter?
17:00 – Don’t make this mistake
17:45 – The different types of copywriting
19:10 – Starting to pitch
20:00 – Benefit of picking a niche
22:40 – The steps
24:45 – Biggest thing to measure
25:25 – Putting together your pitch
28:05 – The biggest lesson I’ve learned
28:55 – Affiliate blogs to test skills

People mentioned:
Ash Ambirge –
Ramit Sethi –
Alexandra Franzen –
Dan Kennedy –

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6 thoughts on “How to Get into Copywriting (updated)
  1. Hope-Cat says:

    Please ramble away, you seem to know a lot. I really appreciate how genuine you are.

    I'm kind of a creative person, but my biggest fears is not making money. I'm not looking for a super artsy job, but I want to stretch my mind a bit, and I love writing and learning how people think. I'm iffy about marketing and advertising, but you are convincing me.

  2. J Moore says:

    Great video! I have a question for you, how would a newbie, (me) format a portfolio?

  3. Unobtainius says:

    I love your personality and the way you convey information. You seem like you drink ALOT of coffee haha Thanks for the awesome content and keep it up! DO MORE VIDEOS!

  4. Jeff A says:

    I love your content, it's been an absolute godsend! How do you recommend finding clients after your portfolio is built and you've reached out/worked with people in your social circle? Cold emailing within your niche on LinkedIn?

  5. Robin Mo says:

    You uploaded this in perfect timing! (I watched it twice) I'm just getting into copywriting.

    I LOVE words but I don't know if I can handle all the heartbreaks after split-testing things since I got the heart of a poet.

    But damn, it's so lucrative and interesting with psychology and what makes people tick. I can be creative in my free time. I only need to know where to look for businesses and practice my pitching skills. I'm trying to find work on Upwork and Freelancer as a start, what's your opinion on that? 🙂

    Designing and writing landing pages is something I like doing, so I definitely think I should specialize in that and home pages. Just gotta write a few theoretical pieces and build up my portfolio.

    Thanks a ton! This video seriously helped.

    Also, did you record this during Christmas? 😀

  6. Carlos Augusto says:

    Haven't watched the video, yet. AMAZING VIDEO!

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