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Can I just say that I am in love with business coaches?

And I swear I’m not just saying that to kiss ass since today’s video is about copywriting for business coaches.

I really mean it.

I invest a fair amount of what I make back into my business, and the investment in a business coach and specific, focused, coaching courses has been by far the best money I’ve spent. Even better than the software I use that saves me loads of time, the hard drive I bought to store all the videos I make, or even the super cute metallic pink iPod nano I just bought so I can listen to my favorite podcasts without towing my computer around.

Because without a business coach to guide me and help me see the areas I need to improve on and the strategies I needed to execute, none of those other things would have been possible.

I might have even ended back up in the corporate world. (The shock! The horror!)

So, business coaches, cheers to you with the best alcohol I have in my kitchen. Seriously. I will gladly drink to what you do any day of the week.

And to go along with that toast, I’ve got a video for you where I walk through and live-edit three different websites of business coaches to show you how you can improve your own website copywriting to get more interest, more leads… and more clients. (Which all equals more money. We love money.)

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    Great content!!

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