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If you want to get hired as a freelance copywriter and get the BEST clients that will pay the HIGHEST FEES, you’ll need a portfolio that showcases you best work. Potential clients will want to see samples of your writing before they hire you so that they can determine if you’re the right person for their project. In this video from my online course How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business FAST, you’ll learn how to put together a portfolio that gets you the clients you want.

4 thoughts on “Getting Started as a Freelance Copywriter: Setting Up Your Portfolio
  1. Lisa Kiral says:

    How do I move print articles to my website?

  2. Ingrid Cox says:

    You'll save great deal of time and fundsif you use JustArticle4U. Just go to google and type "JustArticle4U".

  3. Beth Bartlett says:

    I would recommend that a professional have a Presentation Quality – Online Portfolio on a Personal-professional webpage, with a password you give to prospective clients to access your samples, resume, any style/themes, venues, products, services, and a fee for services plus sample invoice.
    This can be added to and edited going forward.

    And most definitely have samples in hard copy that can be used in a personal presentation and copies that can be included in a proposal if needed, for mail out to prospective client and/or alternate client locations.

    The more professional, efficient, comprehensive – without being cluttered, the greater success potentials.

    A Copywriter is expected to have an working knowledge and understanding of Marketing, Advertising, and Print Media.

  4. The29just29 says:

    Hi, I'm Justin. I want to be a Copywriter, but not sure how to get started. Also how can I freelance from home?
    Thank You

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