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You need the best copywriting course but don’t want to spend thousands, I get it. It took years to find this copy course with sales letter templates!

Whether you are selling a membership program, coaching, an online course, an event or just about anything online, your sales copy is the key to your long term success.

I have tried to hire copywriters in the past and have had terrible experiences.

The sales letters I got back from professional copywriters never hit the mark and always took weeks if not months of re-writing and editing before I could run them.

The worst part, the copywriters are EXTREMELY good at selling you on their services and they can charge rediculous amounts of money.

I spent over $12,000 on one specific letter that took months to ‘fix’ after it was delivered.

But my wife and I stumbled on a method for writing sales copy that leveraged copywriting examples and templates to help us make sure we hit all of the emotional hot buttons, triggers and persuasion opportunities to get our customers to take action

Our first sales copy from a template has been a huge success so I went looking for a copywriting course that offers a series of templates from various industries that we can leverage to grow our sales online.

This is how I found the course shown in the video which is at

In the course you get 4 main copywriting training videos totaling over 7 hours of video training.

Plus you get 20 sales letter templates with 5 being designed so you only need to ‘fill in the blank’ to create your finished letter.

These templates act as your personal copywriting swipe file that you can edit, combine, re-write and publish to start making sales, fast.

Additionally you get a series of bonuses to help you craft the other core components of your sales copy including:

A headline swipe file that will help you write great email subject lines, ad headlines, opt in page headlines, plus headline templates for all your copywriting needs.

I covered 3 ways to grow your headline swipe file last week in a previous video here: but this course goes even further at helping you craft great headlines.

Bullet point templates and swipe file – crank out great bullet points for your sales material fast.

The Video Sales Letter Formula bonus on how to turn your sales letter into a VSL fast to maximize impact of your copy. More about Video Sales Letters here:

The Art & Science Of Persuasive Storytelling – how to craft great stories that will compel your readers and viewers to take action whether that is to click on your ad, buy your product, etc.

I share a bit about storytelling for writing great ads in this video:

All in all, this course has everything you will need in order to craft compelling sales copy that will help you sell more products, coaching, memberships, event tickets, etc.

For an example of great copywriting in action, be sure to check out this sales letter review video:

20 thoughts on “Best Copywriting Course With 20 Sales Letter Templates & More! Plus Exactly How I Use The Templates
  1. tadhg harrington says:

    Got it and can confirm it's really good, it's quite broad and covers a lot of niches, at the end of the day as Miles says, the best copy will come from yourself. Good item to have in your toolbox!

  2. Panama Sarah says:

    Missed it by a day. Will there be another opportunity like this?

  3. Zak Columber says:

    Just picked this up. I think most copywriting courses are probably scammy as fuck. But the fact that Miles is using it on his own biz and recommending it made this a "must have".

    Thanks so much for finding and recommending this Miles!

  4. Tech My Stress Away says:

    Hey Miles, Copywriting is such an important skill not just from a sales perspective but most things in an online business, blog titles, video titles/ descriptions/ thumbnails, email marketing, facebook/google ads the list really could go on. Cheers Pete

  5. Christian Pacheco says:

    Thanks Miles, went straight to the Add to Cart button!

  6. David Wardlow says:

    Very well thought out. Timing not right. Still making the changes learned in the c&c group.

  7. Turnedupfitness says:

    Your information always adds value to the inter webs – continue to make moves as you are a great teacher

  8. Mr Brummie says:

    £600 lol I'm sure if you were to look hard enough that you would find all the info you need for free on the Internet. Just like all the value you have given on your channel

  9. Ade Isaac says:

    I am sure this course is work the spend. I am working on getting it. Thanks

  10. GoatzAreEpic Maokai says:

    Was sceptical about this one, but its actually a goldmine, thanks 1000times

  11. Ivan Mršić says:

    You should really make a video of all the courses you recommend 🙂

  12. Ibukun Soyoye says:

    Great video and great sacrifice on your part

  13. Jimmy Jerk says:

    Can you get hired as a copywriter with this course?

  14. Kyle Milligan Copywriter says:

    You're the man, Miles. Looks like a really thorough course… Doberman Dan is legend.

  15. Denis Leskovets says:

    What do you think about creating a long form sales copy for a shopify drop shipped product? – Writing from work during lunch

  16. Spencer Bell II says:

    Fantastic video miles very important to business

  17. Lenka Kaclova says:

    Copywriting is one of the skills necessary and so powerful to master

  18. Keep It Simple says:

    I'm looking to improve my sales copywriting. You are always in my head and what keeps me up at night. Thank you for this! I will check out this course.

  19. Rafael Cintron says:

    Awesome man, thank you!

  20. Jermaine Brown says:

    Thanks Miles

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