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Originally this copywriting training was for paid members only, but today you can learn from these sales page reviews, too!

Copywriting is one of the key skills for digital entrepreneurs and marketers to reach the upper levels of success.

If you can’t compel your audience to take action you aren’t going to make any money… It is that simple.

Now I wanted to break down the copywriting formula used in these letters in a simple and easy to follow manner, so I created a new sales copy template video for you here:

For members at they get the opportunity to have their sales pages, opt in pages, home page, etc reviewed every-other week.

This particular week we were focusing in on sales pages and I started the livestream with a review of 3 very successful sales pages to help you learn more about the skill and art of copywriting.

For members, this video continued for about 2 hours where I reviewed each and every sales page submitted offering suggestions for how each member can increase conversions on their sales page.

If you want help improving your conversions and growing your business through closer access to me and my ideas for you business, you want to check out the membership!

We focus in a lot on the headline and the hook of each sales letter because if people don’t get hooked in to your idea, to your copy, they’ll never read your offer.

Then we look at the general structure about how to use stories and the other components required before making your actual offer…

Then we look at exactly how to make the offer plus how to handle the money back guarantee and testimonials.

You will learn a lot about copy-writing and how to write a great sales page in this copy training!

13 thoughts on “3 Great Sales Pages Reviewed- Copywriting Training And Analysis For Members
  1. Idarious Osborn says:

    I need help, I want to be able to go live on my social media outlets and screencast and be on the screen as well. How can I achieve that?? I know about screen recording software and I know how to go live but how do I combine those with being on the as well?

  2. Tyronne Ratcliff says:

    Great copywriting training Miles!

  3. Groooovs says:

    Follower from Mexico, love your videos man. Hope you can share some wisdom, I'm struggling with my conversion rates for my schools landing pages. Do you have some good examples for landing pages in education? Thanks!

  4. Oliver El-Gorr says:

    Love videos like these, awesome job Miles!

  5. Simone Pietro Felice says:

    Miles, I have been watching your videos for months now and I must say you are an amazing inspiration! Thank you for your great content! I finally decided to take action! I'd like to ask you an advice: if you were to publish content in two different languages, would you use a single channel or create two different channels? the topic is the same, just two different languages. As for the website, I was thinking of making it bilingual, with the possibility of switching from one language to the other, but your suggestion can really help!

  6. Attila Beres says:

    That's very helpful and also funny/weird, because I've only promoted 4 Clickbank products in my life and 2 of them were this exact same dunk program and a woodworking one almost identical to this one… I look forward to the rest of your X-Files videos 😀

  7. Denis Leskovets says:

    Nice title 😉

  8. Fit Over Age 50 says:

    Thanks Miles

  9. Keith Kalfas says:

    You're communication skills are insane

  10. Dispatch Express says:

    Hi Miles, is it true that health and finance content pre sales are banned on fb?

  11. Ibukun Soyoye says:

    Great video. Thanks

  12. List Maker says:

    Until this day I thought that it was a fucking ugly sales page. No hate but shouldn't they be taking a more decent approach, overwhelming promises, a lot of red flags. Do they really convert well? Let's just say if I send targeted hundred people directly to the sales page, will one of them convert, no landing or squeeze page involved.

  13. Nevlon Duguid says:

    I am glad to see a link to your stuff

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