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Getting clients on Linkedin doesn’t have to be hard, you just need some solid strategy to get more clients.

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In this video, I am going to show you how I use the platform to book and get more solid leads.

Linkedin is a great way to get warm with people before they actually contact you. To start, focus in on your profile – by doing this, you’re going to get people interested in your services due to the fact of social proof.

When creating your profile, ensure that you fill out the description with keywords and what it is that you do. By doing this your profile visitors will start to build trust with you and get to know you on a more personal basis.

Once you have your profile set up, get some certifications on your profile to increase your social proof and credibility. I recommend taking certifications in your niche.

Getting recommendations is key to Linkedin due to the fact that it is real human engagement. These are people that are personally vouching for your expertise and skill set.

The content that you create on your Linkedin should be relevant to your audience. Sharing content is also another great way to capture engagement etc

Linkedin’s algorithm is focused on likes, so if you get posts that get a ton of likes you will likely get more engagement. The best part is Linkedin is a very qualified audience

18 thoughts on “Linkedin Marketing: 3 FAST Ways To Get Clients With Linkedin Using Content [2019]
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  4. Martin Khan says:

    Hey Ruan, great overall video – really like the idea with certificates and recommendations. Especially liked the part about connecting with the right people (like the BlackBerry employee you analyzed). Would you make another video that's more specific as to how to ask cold connections for referrals?

    To give you a better idea, a lot of times I find people who I know can refer someone to sign up for our SaaS but I'm not sure how to "provide value" to them first without being too pushy and self-centered so that they feel comfortable learning more about what we do and ultimately recommending someone from their network.

    If you don't see the topic as a video format, what about a blog post?

    MM @

  5. M Ali says:

    but it is very informative, well done

  6. M Ali says:

    you are telling very speedy, I am not understand in your video

  7. Lem Moore says:

    great intel!

  8. howtomakemoney says:

    Great post Ruan! There is another method to getting high paying clients on Linkedin that i use, you can see the video on my channel.

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  10. Steve Abrams says:

    I get so much value from your videos. I’m trying to figure out a way to distinguish my primary occupation from my side hustle on LinkedIn without confusing people with totally unrelated posts. Any tips?

  11. kelly Cooper says:

    I’m a beginner with marketing I want to do social media marketing for local business . I am a Dj so I was thinking Music as my niche. Should I start with seo ?

  12. Luis Cancilleri says:

    Hey! How do you recommend to make a connection message that get response?

  13. Geoff Surtees says:

    This video is better than other LinkedIn marketing videos I have been watching!

  14. Bhalesh Patel says:

    Don't add random people.
    accepts all the invitation like a bot

    Jk. Helpful stuff bro. I also like the fact that LinkedIn shows 500+ connections no matter if you have 600 connections or 60,000

  15. Trevor Rice says:

    These definitely aren't fast ways lol

  16. Fort Worth SEO says:

    My mans looks like he has been using the Donald trump tanning lotion in that pic…

  17. David murumbi says:

    I actually have a tip for you Ruan! Treat your profile more like a landing page than a CV. You talk about what you do and what you've accomplished but you should really just be talking about how you can help them. I'm sure you build a lot of landing pages to acquire clients so you shouldn't have a hard time figuring it out. Hope this can help you… you should try it. Great video by the way, your content has become better with every video!

  18. erik cocks says:

    Love the strategy and this shows how to avoid the short term spam game that doesn’t foster real relationships. Like the cross posting of articles as well!

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