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Watch Part 1 First on Jordan Kilgour’s Channel:

Social Media Marketing Course that helped us close this $2,000 per month client:

Watch Jordan Kilgour and I close a $2000 per Month eCommerce social media marketing Client on a live sales call in this video.

Hope this helps you with your Social Media Marketing Agency. This is HOW TO CLOSE A Social Media Marketing Client For $2,000 Per Month.
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How to get Social Media Marketing Clients
Social Media Marketing Closing Sales Call

11 thoughts on “HOW TO CLOSE A Social Media Marketing Client For $2,000 Per Month w/ Jordan Kilgour (Part 2/2)
  1. Jordan Kilgour says:

    This is awesome Billy, lots of good conversation with these business owners and I appreciate you putting all the highlights together!

    You know what I was thinking as I was watching this, it's crazy to have the opportunity to sit at home and have these conversations and close deals. I mean, at the time I was in Las Vegas for a few days before my flight and we were closing a $2,000 deal lol. So cool!

    I know all of you who watch this can close a client like this if you have persistence and confidence in yourself and your services. Keep trying and NEVER give up!

  2. Chris Randle says:

    This was incredibly helpful. You can tell that the guy who was doing most of the speaking was just applying everything he was taught to say. And despite him being nervous he pulled it off. That was awesome. I'm just starting to get into SMMA.

  3. Niigel Porter says:

    I wish there was subtitles

  4. Ben Alistar says:

    Awesome video, I took some good notes, thanks !

  5. Renzo Taza says:

    Great work man! Helped me!

  6. Renzo Taza says:

    "sit down i'll turn it off" lol

  7. Joe's Life says:

    Hey Billy,

    How do you effectively split the ad budget across the $500 the business is giving you – for instance how much should I put towards the main ad that you're running throughout the month + variations for the split tests + retargeting – like how much do you dedicate to each bit of the budget?

  8. OmegaGrape says:

    How are you on providing the actual service? You get 200 transactions !

  9. Jake Eaves says:

    I love this! I really want to start my own digital agency but I don't want to buy a course to start. You think I can learn everything on my own and through Youtube?

  10. JO On The GO says:

    Great job! I learned a lot in those 2 videos and I'm happy you got another sale. Keep it up!?

  11. Donovan Williams says:

    It feels awesome right? Closing a deal over the phone is honestly the best feeling in the world man.

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