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In this video, I’ll show you how YOU can start Social Media Marketing agency as a beginner in 2019-2020. You will learn a 4 step process on how to start step by step SMMA and Scale it. We’ll talk also about the importance of focusing on one niche if you want to dominate with your social media marketing agency in 2019/2020.

Here is 4 Steps Strategy To Start Social Media Marketing:

1. Basis Set Up
2. How To Find Clients
3. How To Close Deals
4. How To Get Client Results
Bonus Step

Make sure to watch this video in full to get the most value out of it. This is the most in-depth tutorial and you will learn exact strategies that took me years to master. I believe this video will impact the way you see social media marketing and help you start on your exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Hope you enjoy.

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27 thoughts on “How To Start Social Media Marketing Agency As A Beginner In 2019 – STEP BY STEP
  1. Alex Lytvynchuk says:

    I decided to add more bonuses!❗? So I will pick instead of 1 winner every 100 comments, I will pick 2 Winners Every 50 comments For Coaching Call with me. To help more of you guys! Also to win a course I will pick EVERY 500 comments a 1 winner Instead of 1000 comments! To be entered you also must be a subscriber and LIKE this video!⚠️

  2. CHICKSTHATDJ Gold Coast Sunshine Coast DJ says:

    anyone keen to start a Business with me? Social media agency 🙂 message me

  3. Iwan Glain says:

    I want to succeed with car dealership brother, and happy to watch your videos ! Starting car dealership social media agency because I feeling awesome value to be around cars ! See you on the SMMA group Alex !

  4. Grant hill says:

    Hey Alex, I was just wonder if I can hire some one else to do Facebook ads, And YouTube ads. Could u do a video about doing that.

    Edit: ok never mind u go over that in the video thank you

  5. theSWI4T Randoms says:

    I wanna start my Marketing Agency just, to get out of the Damn Rat Race man…
    I'm 18 as of now, and the pressure that your people around you put you under, to get good grades and get a great job, is really starting to get to me..
    But other than that, Marketing (Digital Specifically), Is a VERY important skill. Both now and in the future..
    And I know if I learn it, I'm better off.
    Which is why I need your course..
    For you, Alex, It might just be another giveaway.. But on the other side, it's a Life saver..
    Hope you Understand.

  6. Tony Smile says:

    Alex, thanks a lot!

    This video is one of the best on the YouTube platform.

    You are having a great impact on many people's lives through sharing your tips and tricks.

    I personally like digital marketing business because it's a great opportunity to help other business owners to connect with their potential clients.

    It's a win-win-win. Win for us, win for our clients, and win for their customers.

  7. Tony Smile says:

    35:00 nice setup

  8. Teo Vartananian says:

    Hi brother your videos are the best! Brother I would love to get that course, I wanna start my agency because In pizza shop niche because I’ve been working for 4 years at the same pizza place and I have a passion to have my own pizza place but I don’t have the money to open a restaurant if I have my agency I can still do what I love help people at their pizza restaurant and gain money to open my own if you could give that course away so I can learn from you thank you

  9. justin drew says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips with us. I hope this is very helpful to know more advanced tips on social media marketing
    .and also for more advanced tips on it then full information is here:-

  10. Angel Vega says:

    Hi Alex, I’m excited to get into this business. I am pretty adept in FB ads and I am fairly knowledgable about this business but love learning more. I found this out a few months back and can definitely see the unlimited potential and freedom this can bring. I look forward to talking to you soon.

  11. Animals Nature Toy Show says:

    Let’s hit 100 comments guys so we can all help two people with the power of Alex?

  12. Aybaybay G says:

    I love to see other entrepreneurs smashing it and actually providing valuable information, so thank you for that Alex! I quit university this semester, and I'm looking forward to applying all of the value you've given us to my own agency. I have many goals for this year, but my #1 goal is to make $5,000 a month.This way I can work for myself and not have to go back to university. I really appreciate all of the information you provide on your YouTube channel! I've learned a lot and can't wait to approach businesses and kill it this year.

  13. Nevik Elmo says:

    Going ALL IN!! Just quit my slave labor 15 hour a day concrete factory job and cold calling clients today! Ready to dramatically change my life!

  14. Chris R Heckman says:

    I honestly want to focus specifically on the car dealership because I can see the potential but am ignorant of the process of the industry. I have an agency already formed although it's been a flop attempting to decide the niche I wanted to focus on.

    I have a ridiculously amazing opportunity partnering with a chatbot company that's built specifically for the car dealership niche and I want to be able to bring in my agencies skill set as an upsell to the chatbot.

    I want to have access to the car dealership domination course to learn the real "meat and potatoes" of content to truly dominate this niche because I KNOW I can do extremely well with these opportunities.

    I am immersed in your content currently and in the telegram group as well & want to bring this to the next level and beyond. If I was given access to the domination course then land a few clients I'd happily reciprocate and pay the original price!

    Goal for 2019:

    25 Chatbot clients closed
    10 SMMA Car Dealer Clients

    or 75k / m Recurring Revenue

  15. Ishan Sharma says:

    Heyy… I wanna start smma because i am fed up with job and other things.. No motivation no fun.. Its like a robot routine nd im not able to live my life as i wanted to.. So try to do smma to become financially free and give me nd my parents life that they deserve..

  16. Animals Nature Toy Show says:

    Man you awesome

  17. Jack Stevenson says:

    Hey Alex,
    The reason I want to build my agency is because I DONT WANT TO GET CAUGHT IN THE RAT RACE. I am currently 15 and have been running my agency since January. I still haven’t got my first client yet and I think your course would be very beneficial to me because of that.
    Thanks you for all the free videos anyway if I don’t win, loving the 60 day challenge!

  18. Sandi Aung says:

    I have been trying to get clients for a couple of months and yet to get 1. Hoping I can work with you to find out what's wrong with my way of finding clients . I am based in Asia and I am having problems which would be a better niche.

  19. Denis Beaudry says:

    Thanks for the video. Love learning from you.


    hi bro, the customer’s payment of our agency is made by bank transfer, right? You charge your customers through funnels too? (I’m referring to your client who paid you $12,000 on Stripe)


    i want to start my agency to be free!

  22. Joseph Tesfay says:

    I want to develop a successful social media marketing agency to create another source for passive income in order to retire my parents and live life on my own terms. My goal is to land my first client within this month of april.

  23. digital marketing says:

    i want to start social media marketing agency to hone my skills as marketer because the oxegen for any business is marketing and my ultimate goal is scale it to 7 figure and i really thank you for your amazing content i really support you keep it up 🙂

  24. The Robux Man says:

    I want to start my agency to prove to my family that it's possible to be successful.

  25. marco brindisi says:

    Hello alex, first of all i wanted to congratulate you for the awesome videos you post on youtube.
    I'm an italian guy who wants to start a smma in the car dealership niche in my country, i want to do it because i want to freely manage my work and my goal is to get between 5 and 10 customers by the end of 2019.

  26. Ronald Howell says:

    I just want the freedom of working on the internet.

  27. Sebastian Lagunes says:

    I will TAKE ACTION if I get the course Alex

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