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Angel Aviles is a latina entrepreneur who shares small business advice for beginners. She gets a lot of questions about social media marketing. Whether you have a business or personal brand, there are many ways to build your social media following. In this video she shares the $1.80 instagram strategy for follower growth. Angel is co-owner of the Lifestyle and Empowerment brand, Living Firme. Together Angel and Living Firme have over 50k followers spread across Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.Most of their business comes from Instagram.

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7 thoughts on “Building Your Social Media Following in 2019
  1. Angel Aviles says:

    There's so much to cover in terms of social media marketing for business but the first tip I wanted to share on the subject, is one that is often disregarded. Simply put… Be social on social!

  2. Len Hap Tapia says:

    Dam girl u fine u make my day and nite kool.hoop earings ?

  3. Irene P. Lopez says:

    I love the content, informative and easily explained.

  4. Guadalupe Landa-Martinez says:

    Thank you Angel esta bien firme. Its about building relationships and friendships 100 %

  5. Marialex Casillas says:

    ??? I love it!! Thank you for the wonderful info amigas!!!

  6. Living Firme says:

    Hashtag 101! #Freakin #love #it!

  7. Catherine Rodriguez says:

    Great info, thank you for sharing. I don't know where to start with social media and this helps give me a starting point instead of being a lost soul!

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