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Socia Media Marketing is all the rage, but is it for you? Can Search Engine Marketing drive the leads and sales you need?

If you watch enough marketing videos you will start to feel like you MUST be a social media marketing maven to make any money online.

Many social media gurus were touting that you HAD TO BE ON SNAPCHAT just over a year ago… A company that is now hemroging users to the tune of losing 3 million users in the last 3 months:

Not to mention that Facebook and Instagram continue to CRUSH reach unless you pay to boost your posts.

Search marketing is not sexy and does not give you the ‘mini-celebrity’ status that people achieve through social but it can be extremely effective driving traffic, leads and sales…

Especially if your business falls into this one specific category explained in the video!

This video analyzes both and looks at the scenarios where both work best.

Personally I run both social media traffic and search traffic so I have a broad sense of the marketplace even though I do prefer the long-term residual benefits associated with search engine marketing.

To help you go deeper into the ‘how to’ behind the different types of marketing, here is access to my content that goes deeper into each marketing method.

How to advertise on Facebook videos –

If you want to drive traffic and dominate at search engine marketing you need to learn SEO (search engine optimization) which you can do here:

Finally, with search marketing, you need to become a master of keyword research which you can learn how to do here:

Regardless whether you choose search marketing or social marketing for your business… The key is always frequency of publishing great content…

There is no ‘shortcut’ to growing your audience, driving leads and sales from internet marketing, and the sooner you realize that each approach takes a ton of work… Roll up your sleeves… And start doing what it takes, the better!

23 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing vs. Search Engine Marketing. Which Is Better For Your Business In 2019 & Why?
  1. northern outlaw says:

    Great vid. I have a marketing/seo/web development/consulting agency and most of my clientele are service businesses (plumbers, roofers, other trades etc….) as that is the niche I worked In for years prior to having some health issues and having a career change/starting my agency. For the most part, social media really Isn't as relevant to those businesses as one might think. People typically just aren't going to facebook or instagram to find their next plumber lol. As far as these businesses go (at least for me anyway) search is king. I do leverage the social platforms to help support my seo but by far my main focus for these clients is on search marketing. particularly organic search and then either optimizing their websites or completely redeveloping them to be higher converting if the client wishes to spend the money to do so. Im hoping to move towards the real estate market in the near future though and know that social will play a much larger role with those clients.

  2. Polly Pocket says:

    WANT = social media
    NEED = search engine

    Great content. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. karim mohamed says:

    I like your authenticity and your genuine advice Miles, thank you.

  4. BlaQ Fire Nation says:

    Tuition! Yes! Wow!

  5. Royal Learning Time says:

    Great video thank you so motivating

  6. Jose Granullaque Pita says:

    Nice vid!! The curious point is that both share the main interest on creating amazing content. In Social Media Marketing you put the focus on Facebook ads but, don´t you think it is much more? like co-creation, building a community looking to engage the user, etc…

  7. Shriram Iyer says:

    Amazing video Miles. You are an absolute inspiration.
    I am playing the Social media paid ads game as the product is falls within the "Want" segment.

  8. letisha malakooti says:

    what if we hire a fb expert? we would save the money, true? why be a stdent when yiu can be spoilt and outsource 😉

  9. letisha malakooti says:

    miles, if you could have hired a blogger from the start, to transcribe your videos for google, would you have done so? And what happens if your videos are unstructured and all over the place? does the blogger need to make sense of it in order to structure it properly for the article. Also, were there many toics you were a novice too, but recorded on anyway? Or had you mastered them first?

  10. letisha malakooti says:

    miles how long have u been in the industry for and learning now?

  11. GoatzAreEpic Maokai says:

    What is your view on the importance of using Meta Data on your webpages? I've heard some companies mention the effectiveness of it

  12. pushpam thavare says:

    i am also trying to get organic traffic fom google, by doing a good seo, but it takes me a lot of time to post "SEO optimised" content on the website…… did your wife was able to post each day for 90 days considering that the content is seo optimised???? plz help,.. i too want to take that 90 day challenge if it works!!

  13. pushpam thavare says:

    hey brother! how much time it required to u to generate 4-5k $ per month passive income machines which run on search engine traffic????

  14. Alex Katsanos says:

    Another great post Miles! My biggest fear with paid social and bootstrapping on top of that is being overcharged which happened to me twice on both FB and Google. Organic vegetables and fruits and organic traffic!

  15. J YH says:

    Great vid, Miles. A combo is optimal of course and the business type and customer target is a factor. But evergreen, organic search traffic is ultimately the foundation to build on.

  16. Ibukun Soyoye says:

    Search engine marketing will always give residual rewards. Thanks for this video

  17. Denis Leskovets says:

    I need to oil up my Internet business machine. Not crankin cash flow yet 🙂

  18. Paula Puddephatt says:

    Great video. I'm personally getting more traffic from Pinterest than any other source, but I don't rely upon that lasting. Sooner or later, Pinterest will probably limit reach, and possibly make the platform pay to play, as per other sites. I hope that, by the time that happens, Google will be showing my posts more, as SEO is longer-term. I also get more traffic from Bing than Google right now, although not much from either. What do you think about Google Plus closing down? I had only just started to make use of Communities, and one of my posts got probably more "likes" than it would have on Instagram. I guess I took my time to figure out the platform. But I have heard of people driving serious traffic through Google Plus. I never did, but saw the potential. We can't make every site a priority, though.

  19. Harrington Golf Academy says:

    5 assets a crawling towards a web! ?️☘️?️☘️?️

  20. Hari Prasath says:

    My comment on the last video was the motivation for this video? Or was it pre-planned? Was just wondering. Awsm video as always

  21. Donna Rhodenizer says:

    Combination of both I think! I have one business that needs the content and one that will flourish on social.

  22. Deklen Trading says:

    Love the comparison, want vs. need. Content rules!

  23. Reggie Valpoort says:

    Social media marketing all the way. 😉

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