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In this video, I cover exactly how to get more digital marketing clients without cold calling or doing cold email.


15 thoughts on “How To Get Digital Marketing Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling
  1. Ruan M. Marinho says:

    Thanks for watching the video everyone! "Comment" down below for a chance to win a 30 minute consultation session with me over SKYPE 🙂

  2. Victoria Films says:

    i cant bear this shit

  3. David Ondrejek says:

    You know nothing about SMM lol

  4. Timothy Olofson says:

    I discovered you around the time this video was released and forgot to watch the rest of it lol glad I finished doing so today!

  5. Kao Vang says:

    Holy shit Ruan. Thanks for this video. I have been struggling to get clients (still have no client), but you've made me realize that it's important to show than to say. I'm going to challenge myself to offer free trials first before trying to acquire clients. I am also going to challenge myself to create content for the prospects to build rapport.

  6. Somerandom Guy says:

    Another informative video this really makes me just wanna find a dude in nyc that does seo and team up with him. Ill contact the clients while he does the research that gets the client to close. Then ill outsource the rest while he gets a commission for closing .

  7. Joseph says:

    Great value, thanks! Please get to the point faster and stop repeating yourself 3x though

  8. Wolphe22 says:

    Hey, Ruan. Huge fan! How do I put together a contract? I'm in the process of getting my first client and not sure how to put together a contract for him. Also, what is you PoS (point of sale]system? Do you use paypal, or stripe, or what?

  9. WSO FEVER says:

    I didn't disagree with my client. I fired him. Wasn't worth the hassle. Got articles completely pulled from two major websites legally, and a company in California wanted $6K each. I did it for practically nothing. After a second check coming that was short $1100, I fired him. Don't disagree with a client? What am I supposed to do, lie to him (by agreeing to something I actually don't agree with or is just plain wrong?) That's selling you soul. I really like you videos, but I refuse to kiss a clients butt. This one paid me approximately $16K over 18 months. I repeatedly told him 'expert' seo for Atty's is $20K/month ( I sent him an article from an SEO Attorney in Forbes) He didn't care. Now that I don't take his calls or respond to his emails, he's sweating. I'll take him back, as soon as he pays me a $3500 bonus / restart fee. The two articles I got removed would have cost him $12K ALONE with the few companies that claim to be able to do this. One of them regulary 'redirects' the prospects to 'other' rep management services (since they aren't really willing to do the work to get the actual articles removed)

  10. Terry Sukairain says:

    This is awesome! I just started offering SEO and other services in my agency. But still on the hunt for my first client. This helped a lot with setting a road map to what I should be doing and where my focus should be. Can’t wait for more videos!!!

  11. Sean Sewell says:

    I have a total of 55 clients, all in different industries that pay me on a monthly basis. These clients serve a local audience. A lot of doctors, lawyers, contractors, dentists, massage therapists, etc. I wouldn't say you HAVE to serve a niche industry but you should serve a niche business type. In my case, it's those service-based businesses that are heavily searched for but don't rank well on Google.

  12. Sean Ryder says:

    Haha your very good Ruan. I can hear it in your voice. You have been there dealing with the pain of having a digital agency and become bigger than the problems thrown at you. Well done.

  13. T C says:

    This dudes a Fruad

  14. I GLOBAL says:

    The Struggles I'm having is explaining exactly what I can do for them because I am more versed in Fb

  15. DMSC says:

    Valuable information as usual. You could speak a little slower to be clearer…but excellent information.

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