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In this video we will talk about how to get your first car dealership smma client with zero experience even if you are total beginner! I’ll show you the way how you can land meetings with car dealership owners in the most profitable smma niche in my opinion. This strategy will allow you land and contact car dealership clients directly and sing them on the phone after.

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19 thoughts on “How To Get Your First Car Dealership SMMA Client With ZERO Experience
  1. Albert Martinez says:

    What kind of fees are you offering for your Facebook ad services?

  2. Iwan Glain says:

    Thanks Alex again ! I'll still comment for the giveaway course ! ;D

  3. Andreas Kolm says:

    Awesome content. I heard about Linkedin but wasnt sure how to implement it on autopilot. THX Alex

  4. Innocent Nsoh-Awasom says:

    Awesome man!

  5. xZolpha says:

    Hey man! Great video, but I’m 14. I cannot make a LinkedIn account until I’m 16. What do you suggest? Contact me on Messenger please – Lockie Mutch cover photo Albert Einstein quote.

  6. Noe Flores says:

    Great video! I'm in the 60 day client challenge with you! Also in the telegram group! Let's crush it! Would love to win your course for free! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for all the value!

  7. Lefty UpOne says:

    AMAZING content!! Definitely my car dealership niche mentor haha thanks for your genuine uploads. I definitely see you as a big marketing guru soon haha.


  8. True Review says:

    Thank you soo much for sharing. You really helped me out here. Thanks soo much for explaining everything real good video

  9. Alex Alvarado says:

    Nice! seems like an easier and affective way to land clients.

  10. Paul Williams says:

    1. Let's say you make a deal with a client. A minimum of 3 months. You make an ad, and run it. How long do you run it? Do you make more? Why should the client keep you when they already have the ad? How to you keep adding value?

    2. The deal is $1000 per month. After that, how do you persuade the client that they need to spit out an extra amount of money for the ad. and extra $200 per month?

    3. How does the legal aspect of starting an SMMA look like? Do you need a contract? How do you make one? Do you need to actually make your business a BUSINESS, like LLC or something?

    I really hope somebody can answer these. Those are my only barriers to start offering help for possible clients. THANK YOU!

    If you also want to get these questions answered, like the comment so that he can see it easier!

  11. Johnny Bravo says:

    What happen to your affiliate clickbank 7 day challenge. You stopped at day 5 I'm guessing you gave or failed ?

  12. Alex Cross says:

    I've been focused on the dealership niche for about 3 years now. It's a great niche for sure!

    If I could make a small suggestion, not anything against you but I bet you your hat will turn people out of your Channel crazy as that might sound.
    Keep up the great work though Alex!

  13. tom keeling says:

    Great video I will be utilizing LinkedIn now to reach out to dealership owners. Keep up the awesome content you rock!

  14. Marcin Kapusta says:

    Thanks for Great content Alex!!! 2019 is Yours 😀

  15. Andronache Gabriel says:

    Awesome video,thanks!

  16. Michael Jennings says:

    Great content!!! Glad your back.

  17. Zzz Zzz says:

    Alex, can you and all the other SMM you tubers stop saying “zero experience” or “no technical skills”.. you do need these things.. otherwise why would the businesses even hire you?

  18. Alex Lytvynchuk says:


  19. Money is Awesome says:

    I like the poster behind you:) P.S. Happy New Year;)

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