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Top Social Media Marketing Niches for 2019

✔️ General Contractors
✔️ Fitness/Weight Loss
✔️Real Estate

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I started my social media agency in 2016 without a dime to my name. I grew it to a 6 figure agency in under 2 years by targeting one niche on social media. I’m finally revealing EXACTLY how I did it. From A-Z, step by step. From finding my niche, direct messaging them on social media, scheduling appointments, to closing them and so much more. Word for word, you’re getting it all. Get on the VIP list to be the first one notified when training begins. Check your emails!


Get on the VIP List to be the first one notified when I release Digital Course Blueprint. This course will be 100% based on teaching YOU, How To Turn Your Knowledge, Passion & Skills Into Profits Through Digital Publishing & Social Media Marketing! Projected to be $275 Billion by 2022, I’m going to show you how to get a piece of it all.


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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2023

5 thoughts on “How To Build A Social Media Marketing Agency In 2019
  1. David Cantero says:

    Here's the software I use for all my social media clients

  2. Oliver Truswell says:

    Hey David – thanks for making this video and being so thorough. I made a lot of great notes and the strategy for video messaging prospect through social media is gold.

    Your advice on picking a niche that I'm experienced or passionate about is great…but sadly I don't think I can (or want to) apply it. I worked on a lot of B2B marketing campaigns for companies like Fujitsu, Oracle, O2, EY and such. A lot of tech that frankly I'm sick of and it's a nightmare to create content for lol. It would be very difficult to convince them to do their social media campaigns being a lot of $Bn companies with huge teams. I have a massive passion for making pizza at home from scratch, and that would be incredibly cool to market for a pizzeria but very low ticket and I don't think very profitable as a niche. I'm leaning towards something high ticket like you've chosen. Easier to justify the cost when each lead could be worth $1000s rather than $10s.

    I'll be implementing your strategies for sure. I see you're a Billy Gene fan too. I've got his Clicks Into Customers course so I've devoured that.

    One question I still have is, was your first campaign a success or did it bomb? Did it take many campaigns of doing it cheap for a customer to get that one case study that had truly great numbers?

  3. kelly Cooper says:

    Can you make a video on how to set up ads for a beginner 🙂

  4. kelly Cooper says:

    Your my mentor

  5. Humphrey Jones says:

    So what services do you provide? Consultation?

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