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There are only a few key elements to crafting a high converting landing page, and it all starts with the words. The greatest templates in the world, can’t make up for bad copywriting and messaging that fails to hook prospects and get them to opt-in.
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Table of Contents:
0:04 – Intro
0:31 – Key To Success #1 – Collect that Email!
0:49 – Key To Success #2 – It’s about your prospect!
1:14 – Key To Success #3 – The Rule of ONE!
1:45 – Prospect
2:19 – Example of Ideal Customer
3:53 – Headline
6:49 – CTA
7:45 – Bullets
10:59 – Graphic/Proof
11:33 – Outro

How To Create A High Converting Landing Pages (Secret Copywriting Formula)

How to Write Compelling Landing Page Copy That Converts: Copywriting for Your Website

Do you want to learn how to create a landing page that converts?

Wondering what you should write on your landing page?

Don’t know what you should talk about to get people to opt-in?

In this tutorial, you can start crafting a high converting landing page in minutes with these done for you copy formulas. No fancy landing page builder needed, just good copy and a targeted lead generation message for your audience.

If you don’t know what to write on your landing page and what the secret formulas for copywriting are, I will teach everything to you. You can have all your landing page text written really fast in a way that is going to get people to opt-in

In this landing page copywriting guide, I will show you how to write a high converting landing page copy from scratch! You are going to learn the super top secret landing page headline, and bullet formulas that are virtually guaranteed to increase your conversion rates.

Find out how to create a landing page that converts for your membership site and start increasing your conversion rates.

But first, what is a landing page? Landing page is a special page in your website that is designed to collect an ideal customer’s contact information.

Of course, you want to know how to create a high converting landing page with the best landing page design. There are various factors to take note of to know how to build a high converting landing page from scratch. A good landing page is literally the difference between a profitable business and a struggling one.

For your landing page copywriting, I will show you how to properly create headlines, benefits statements, visual element, CTA button text and creating the page simple so you can know how to create a free landing page that is perfect for affiliate marketing and other niches out there.

When it comes to writing your landing page content, short and sweet is best when it comes to landing pages, and the less you have to say to get people to take action the better. You can always add sections if your short landing page isn’t doing an effective job of communicating.

A landing page is all about your ideal customer and what you can do to solve their problem. Keep focused on who you are trying to help, not what you are trying to give. All copy starts with a clear picture of who you are talking to. You need to know who your ideal customer is and what makes them tick.

I hope that after watching this video, you can start writing your landing page copy for more conversions!
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  5. Lifestyle Brown says:

    Nice and clear presentation as always Jason! Hey what do you consider a minimum conversion rate for your opt in pages? 20%? More? Less? Also.. I've found even changing one word in the header, or swapping out the photo.. seemingly simple mimor things… can make a big difference to conversion rates. So split testing one thing at a time is a must (like you said).

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