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How do the big blogs become so popular? How do they get so many readers? And does traffic equate with money for a blog? Absolutely! Blogs are the number one place for web searchers to get their information. They know the content is relevant and always fresh. How does a blog owner attract the right kind of traffic to their blog that will result in sales? It’s about being search engine friendly and matching up what the searcher is looking for to the content on your blog.

Blog titles, more than almost anything else, help the search engines to find your content. Done correctly, this trick can make the difference between being on the first few pages of Google or dead last. Keywords play the most important part in this process. You have to know what words people are putting in the search box and match those up with your titles.

If you know that a searcher is looking for information on watercolor tutorials, include those words in your blog post title. Put your main keywords first, then add the content of the post after a dash or colon. For instance: Watercolor Tutorials – Brush Strokes. Or: Oil Painting Tutorials: Stretching Your Canvas.


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Keywords are the trick to making the most of the traffic to your blog. If you build it, use keywords in your post titles to make them come. Traffic means money… it really does. Find out to turn your blogging efforts into a money making machine and spread your word across the globe!

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Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

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