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One thought on “Pitching For Freelance Copywriters | The Perfect Pitch Tutorial
  1. Kendra DR says:

    Absolutely what I've been looking for. I hung on every single word in this video. I'm a freelance writer, too, who has been selling myself very short in the copywriting department for far too many years. The past few months, I've been looking to really make changes in this area, so this video has been one of the most helpful of all for copywriting! Thanks for this.

    Oh!! And before I forget, I thought it was so awesome that you mentioned positive affirmations and LOA! I am also a very firm believer in the stuff, and actually use positive affirmations religiously. The second I wake up, I begin using them to "create" the day I want to have. Sounds like a lot of us freelancers have a lot more in common than I ever imagined!

    It's true, positive affirmations and visualization (and many other LOA-based techniques) are in fact effective. Sometimes eerily so! I still manage to surprise myself sometimes. Lol. 😉 Sounds like you have a lot to teach your fellow writers, Josh. I subscribed and am truly looking forward to more on these topics! 🙂 Thanks a million.

    P.S. I was so glad to have found a video where the speaker isn't just trying to sell their product to other copywriters, or people interested in learning copy. I've been seeing that so much it's unnerving at this point. Nearly every video does only that, but doesn't bother actually relating to the title and giving people real suggestions and information, so thank you for actually providing useful, real, raw information. I really appreciate that!

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