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Secure high-quality backlinks and new RSS subscribers without wasting time with this new social media marketing technique. Tom Deeter at explains how to do “smart blog commenting” in this 10 minute step-by-step video tutorial.

5 thoughts on “Smart Blog Commenting for Social Media Marketing
  1. Jo Ann Hemelrick says:

    Your video was very informative. I appreciate the heads up on the two links "commentkahuna" and GoogleReader. This is a concise to get to know where your top 10 or 20 niche blogs are so that you can network and comment on them.

  2. michael nickson says:

    Great video on blog commenting.It is appreciable for uploading such nice video.Do posting such great videos.Thanks.

  3. Amy Faelnar says:

    can you send me a free setup of commentkahuna please? il msg to you my email.

  4. Internet Geeks says:

    Nice info. thanks for sharing.

  5. 86rishabh says:

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